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Hello everyone,
This week, I received the LeapMotion 2 that helps touchless interraction on screens or VR. Many very creative usecases like LookingGlassvirtual avatar or BigScreen glasses, … need time to play with that (SkarredGhost’s unboxing) 🙂

By the way, I digitalize my voice with latest Azure Speech model and will play with new announce azure features: Llama2Whisper, …

Happy Reading !
#Metaverse #SmartMirror

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🧠 Articial Intelligence

🕹️ Alterningate Realities

A promotional image for Maybelline’s virtual makeup try-on experience in Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams is adding Maybelline’s AI-powered ‘makeup’ filters

🤖 Internet of Things


So the next big thing is beauty bar ? instead of clothing store. Interesting this mix fashion x beauty.


Orbit illustration: how a satellite stays in orbit - the balance between its velocity and gravity pulling it towards Earth

💡 Do It Yourself

Medias (Audio & Video)

Love this french ads surfing on ChatGPT MEME that probably be designed using Generative AI or at least Photoshop …

🎧 Podcast

🕹️ Gaming

Chiffres & Quotes

Full infography of How have Americans drinking habits changed?

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