Reflets: the Mirror is Smarter

An everyday furniture since 6000 BC, a reflection of you true self, in any place, room or moment … becomes a Beauty Advisor, a Sports Coach, a Stylist, a Sales Expert, an Hairdresser, … to disrupt In-Store with tailored brand experiences and fuel customer satisfaction.


Home & In-Store Experience

At Home

At Home, Reflets is your everyday assistant. It can help you sort your wardrove, provide skin care, beauty advices. It can be your fitness coach or style experts.

In Store

In Store, Reflets is your personal shopper. It already know what you like and already connected to your favorites brands. Staff is now focus on your satisfaction.

More than 15 AI Technologies from Avatar with Branded Speech to Computer Vision and Object Recognition to build amazing experiences !

The store was amazing ⭐⭐⭐ ! I felt like a movie star ! Julie bring me a coffee ☕ and didn’t have to wait for a cabin or checkout 💵.
— Sarah, Beauty Adviser


Made in France

A Smart Mirror is not a big smartphone neither a passive display. It’s a piece of art designed to empower you reflection in everyday life.

We work with artists and designers to create an object with super power to interract with users through Artifical Intelligence in B2B, B2B2C or B2C scenarios.

Early Adopters

Waiting List

Reflets is looking for brands to design Customer Experiences in Retail, Beauty, Fashion, Hospitality, Sport, Health, …

No-Code Designer

Reflets provide a Low-Code Framework to design Customer Experiences and connect to 3rd party APIs

Digital Signage

Reflets use templates for explainer, slides, tutorials, videos, AR or motion design.

Insights & KPI

Reflets can forward data to 3rd party dashboards in order mesure Customer Satisfaction.

Computer Vision

Reflets can perform Custom Product Recognition, Face Detection and Recognition, on cloud and edge.

Voice Assistant

Reflets is a ChatBot with Speech Recognition and Synthesis backed with Language Uderstanding and Translation.

Internet of Things

Reflets use sensors like Buttons, PIR, RFID Reader, Barcode Scanner or Beacons to improve User Experience.


Reflets v1 with flat display and CPU


Reflets v2 with dual display and GPU


Custom design tailored to your Brand


Accelerate Reflets

After years of investing in R&D we are looking for investors willing to invest in Reflets to accelerate from Prototype to B2B then B2C.