Scalable and fully coupled quantum-inspired processor solves optimization problems

C'est énorme ! Design d'un PCB spécifique est tout a fait envisageable, le resultat sera drastiquement plus rapide et l'usage est illimité et révolutionnaire

Researchers have tried creating annealing processors that mimic the behavior of spins using quantum devices, and have attempted to develop semiconductor devices using large-scale integration (LSI) technology aiming to do the same. In particular, Professor Takayuki Kawahara's research group at Tokyo University of Science (TUS) in Japan has been making important breakthroughs in this particular field.

In a recent study published in Microprocessors and Microsystems, Prof. Kawahara and his colleague demonstrated a clever solution to this problem. They developed a new method in which the calculation of the system's energy state is divided among multiple fully coupled chips first, forming an "array calculator."

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