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Analyse de l'UI de lentille connectés, mais tellement bullshit.

Mojo Lens is a special type of contact lens in development at the moment. It is essentially an Augmented Reality device that supplements the users vision with a contextual HUD. The concept and application looks similar to the Google Glass project but confined instead to a contact lens.

Some examples Mojo have provided for it’s practical application include language translation, exercise data and body metrics, way-finding and risk detection.

There have been a few examples of this concept explored in science fiction, for example Continuum comes to mind. But it is a different thing to see it made for real and quite remarkable that a display could fit on something as small as a contact lens.

The applications make sense, and I can see the value of having AR assist people in everyday life. Given that it’s a contact lens that can be removed for some reason makes me more comfortable with the idea. Having surgical implants would be another thing entirely and a frightening concept, as my mind immediately raises concerns over hacking or glitches whilst driving or doing something else life threatening.

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