This interactive yoga mat turns stretching into a game, gives users daily motivation to exercise

Ce trux est HYPER itnéressant !

  • L'idée de la caméra est smart
  • Le tapis interractif est top
    J'adore ! Mais c'est juste un concept … a créer ça doit couter des milliers d'euros.

Unlike the ordinary stretching mats, Solelp features a smart mat, camera-laden bar, interactive handles and a mobile app that gives users a connected environment to perform and enjoy stretching for a better body posture.

Living in the pandemic, we have all understood the importance of staying fit and healthy. Staying healthy is not just about building muscles, eating a healthy diet, or achieving aerobic fitness. You must think about your body posture and flexibility (which is taking a backseat as we continue to work from home). This is where stretching comes in!

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