Does Anyone else working in a crypto company feel this is all a scam?

C'est drolement violent les réponses !

I'm working in a Cryptocurrency startup, and all my colleagues are investing heavily into the domain, both mentally and monetarily. I cannot shake off the feeling that this is all a scam. It's so shady, from the way there are new coins and tokens every week, and how investors are throwing money into this program. I don't think my company's product deserves the sort of money it's been getting, and it feels like a bubble that will burst, sooner if not later. Some part of the tech is interesting, the essence of the blockchain, for example, but the main application seems to be just suspicious. What do others in the domain think? I'm not leaving yet because I'm not in a place to change jobs yet again, but I will, eventually, but I feel like this domain is very fishy.

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