Experiments in Deepfakes

Très vieux (fall 2020) mais couvre les exemples

In recent years, advancements in machine learning have enabled hyper-realistic synthesis, recreation, and modification of images, audio and videos of people. This new class of synthetic media, also known as AI-generated media, generative media, and “deepfakes” is raising many questions regarding how technology distorts our perception of reality, news, and information. Rooted in the ethical and epistemological discussion of synthetic media technology, this class aims to raise awareness of the emerging topic of Deepfakes by exploring the techniques involved as well as the potential consequences of the technology. The class will also explore the potential positive use cases of Deepfakes for artistic expression, entertainment, and learning. Students will try their hand at creating deepfakes, and engage in discussions which will culminate in a final project informed by their personal interests and research.

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