Oussama Ammar quitte The Family

The Family était en perte de vitesse. Content d'avoir connu le personnage qui m'a donné le coup de pouce necessaire quand c'était compliqué.

On Friday, my resignation was published on the Companies House website. From now on I am no longer a director of The Family and I will gradually leave this ecosystem.

I have been coaching Entrepreneurs for 9 years, making videos on Youtube, trying to move the lines in France. 9 years of successes, failures, joys and disappointments. The ups and downs, very classic of entrepreneurship, but their intensity only exists at The Family.

But it is time to make way for a new generation of Advisors. The ecosystem has changed a lot and raising money is not as difficult as it used to be. It has become normal to raise funds long before you have a product/market fit, and this poses challenges to entrepreneurs that are of a very different nature than those the ecosystem has faced in the past years.

Of course I thank all these entrepreneurs who over the years have been a true source of inspiration and learning. Having had the chance to accompany them, to help them, to inspire them has allowed me to learn so much about the world and myself.

All this would never have been possible without Alice, Nicolas & Balthazar and all the people who have been on The Family team over the years and to whom I wish to continue to accompany Entrepreneurs at The Family through the Fellowship, Koudetat, Goldup, Maria, Lion and the whole ecosystem of The Family.

Not being the right person anymore is a chance to become someone new: and that's what I intend to do by exploring the world of Web3. This time alone and as an amateur, to give myself time to learn without pressure and with joy.

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