Wendy’s Signs With Google Cloud to Bring AI and Voice Recognition to Restaurant Chain

Business autour de la voix et de la food

Wendy’s is joining the growing race by quick-service restaurants to include a voice assistant in drive-thrus. Colorado-based Valyant AI added a voice assistant into Denver’s Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard in 2019 and has been expanding ever since with a boost from the $4.5 million funding round late last year. Popular Ohio chicken restaurant chain Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Restaurant provided its drive-thru with a voice assistant built by Israeli startup Hi Auto and Mastercard, while SoundHound added a voice assistant to some White Castle and Sonic restaurants, combining taking drive-thru orders and processing payments on the same software. ConverseNow recently closed a $15 million funding round for its drive-thru voice tech. And everyone is watching McDonald’s, which went from a single pilot restaurant with a voice assistant in 2019 to deploying its virtual server in 10 drive-thrus around Chicago with concrete expansion plans. If McDonald’s is too cautious, however, Wendy’s may beat them to the punch.

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