Microsoft – topic guiding in a conversation (chat bot ad play)

Et oui, mais comme Google / Alexa ont bêtement choisit une archi request/response ça ne marchera que avec Microsft …

Most chatbot experiences tend to fall flat in terms of conversation. For instance, our interactions with Alexa are mostly a question or instruction being given to the bot, and then the bot either giving an answer or acknowledging the completion of a request.

This chat experience guides a conversation towards a topic and will nudge users along conversational paths based on how users are responding, as well as any context from previous conversations. The result is a chat that feels organic, fluid and purposeful – the chatbot is the driver of conversation instead of being on the receiving end.

On the flip-side, the chatbot could be effective at manipulating users. The filing talks about the potential for the chatbot to guide users towards topics that are associated with products or services. In the image above, the chatbot wants to guide a user towards the topic of being on a diet. In order to get there, the chatbot has a number of implicit topics that it discusses to get the user to that conversation, including dinner, meat and losing appetite.

Now imagine if after the chatbot mentions it’s on a diet, a company pays for ‘ads’ so that the chatbot can plug some product recommendations, such as diet pills. This type of advertising via chatbot feels pretty different to the usual advertising. If an AI chatbot was optimised towards generating advertising sales, suddenly the realism and fluidity of the conversation become excellent tools for manipulating users into buying things or performing actions.

via Patent Drop : lire l’article source

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