Video Game Dark Pattern Monetization Strategies

Dilemme ! Monétiser, mais pas trop, mais quand même, mais éthiquement …

There are all sorts of nefarious tricks a developer can deploy to try to hook people. A few examples:

Playing by Appointment: Games will timekeep certain events: “You can only get this reward by playing at 2pm tomorrow!” The player feels compelled to come back to the game.
Pay to Skip: Developers will make a certain level basically unbeatable then allow you to spend money to skip it and move on. This one is beloved even by major players like Electronic Arts ($EA $40.7B Market Cap.)
Pay to Win: Players can purchase power ups that will allow them to win battles or rewards that make them better than other players. Note: There are rumors of a Saudi player spending over a million dollars to accomplish this in Clash of Clans.

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