Invisible Art, Cont’d

Par association d'idée, la fin de section "Invisible Art, Cont’d" est le future de la réalité augmentée et des MetaVerses

Last week I mentioned Buddha In Contemplation, an “invisible sculpture demarcated by a square of tape on a cobble-stoned walkway” near a museum. “This form generated by thought is here now,” a video of the invisible art work explained. As I confessed earlier, I actually like this ridiculous-sounding idea.

Well, there’s an update. Bloomberg financial columnist Matt Levine points to news that a mime claims to have stolen and destroyed the invisible sculpture. A video of this act is now for sale as an NFT.

Silliness aside — and yes, yes, everyone hates mimes, I know — I continue to like all of this.

In fact, to keep riffing on the subject, I really think someone should start an invisible public art campaign. Imagine a walking tour of a neighborhood, where every couple of blocks the tour stops and someone describes the invisible sculpture that they have invented for just this location, and explains why they did so. At some junctures, participants could be invited to add a sculpture of their own. Everyone could take a minute to contemplate, silently, what one person has imagined could be there.

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