Google aids effort that’s starting “federated identity” W3c interest group | Information Trust Exchange Governing Association

Le AdTech est tellement sensible que les choses bougent très vite pour trouver un consensus entre Apple, Google, Facebook et la vie privée

The ad-tech world continues to twist and turn working out what to do about the end of cookies. A lot of this looks like the 'five stages of grief' (denial, bargaining…), and also like herding cats. There is now a w3C group to work on federated identity. Of course, if Apple ignores it (with a third of US web traffic and two thirds of mobile traffic) then relevance will be limited. Meanwhile the broader landscape shifts, with more privacy laws coming. As I wrote in my column last week, do we retain targeting by user or shift back to targeting by content, and do we keep the targeting in the cloud or move it to the device?

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