IKEA Studio app

La promesse est de designer une pièce entière … (et la range même avant !)

Whereas the IKEA Place app—released back in 2017 alongside the launch of Apple’s ARKit—allows you to place single pieces of AR furniture and decorations throughout your real-world environment, IKEA Studio lets you furnish entire rooms. Developed by IKEA’s own Copenhagen-based studio SPACE10, this iOS-exclusive app works by capturing 3D room plans and measurements using the LiDAR sensors featured on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Put simply, this new technology generates a mesh scale capable of identifying surfaces, objects, and the geometry of your real-world environment, resulting in more realistic AR experiences.

IKEA Studio is capable of identifying windows, doorways, and existing furniture; if the app detects any real-world objects, it will automatically place a white box over these items, allowing you to focus on your redesign as you change wall colors, arrange new furniture, and decorate your space with a wide range of IKEA products. You can also stack digital furniture on top of each other, like placing a lamp or potted plant on a shelf. Some of these items even feature simple interactive elements.

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