IBM Global AI adoption Index 2021

Acceleration en Asie, manque d'expertises, un enjeux de comprendre et d'expliquer les résultats / biais. NLP un des premiers sujets …

IBM and Morning Consult released their Global AI Adoption Index 2021, which found that the pandemic accelerated the rollout of AI. Businesses are now planning “significant investments” in AI throughout the coming year, according to the report.

  • Nearly one-third of IT professionals say their business is using AI technologies; nearly half say their companies are exploring AI.
  • The COVID-19 crisis, general business needs, and the technology being more accessible are driving AI adoption.
  • Larger companies are nearly 70% more likely than smaller companies to have actively deployed AI.
  • AI adoption rates are highest in China and India, followed by Singapore and the U.S.:
  • When considering different AI providers, companies said the top three factors are providers that automate processes to empower higher-value work (47%), provide trust in business outcomes (40%), and have the ability to deploy anywhere — on any cloud or on-premises (40%).
  • Companies adopting AI still face challenges, like limited expertise and a lack of tools to develop AI models. More than 90% of businesses said the ability to explain how AI arrived at a decision is important, but more than half had problems, such as biased data, in achieving this explainable AI.
  • Businesses said the top three barriers to adopting AI are limited expertise or knowledge (39%), increasing data complexity and data silos (32%), and a lack of tools or platforms for developing AI models (28%):
  • Natural language processing (NLP) is at the forefront of recent AI adoption. This involves using AI and computers to read, understand, and make sense of human language.
    Almost half of businesses said they're using NLP-powered applications, and one-in-four plans to begin using NLP technology over the next 12 months.
  • Customer service was the top NLP use, with 52 percent of IT professionals reporting that their company is using or considering using NLP to improve customer experiences.
  • The top three reasons most businesses are using or considering using automation tools are to drive greater efficiencies (58%), save costs (58%), and give valuable time back to employees (42%).
  • As businesses plan more AI investments this year, they're focused on three main goals: automating IT and processes, building trust in AI outcomes, and understanding the language of business, according to the report.
  • Data security, automation, customer care, and chatbots were listed as key areas of AI investment:

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