Ford : AR wearable system for vehicle occupants

Ca me semble foireux l'usage des lunettes. Complexe et contraignant pour le moment par rapport à un HUD

In this filing, Ford describe creating a system that connects to AR glasses – e.g. let’s say the upcoming Apple Glasses. Through these glasses, Ford could then superimpose any additional content directly onto the driver’s field of view, instead of on a separate display screen that distracts a user’s focus away from the road.

When wearing these AR glasses, users would be able to rotate their head in any direction and interact with the AR system, overcoming the limitations with existing displays.

The patent application gives some ideas for what users might expect to see with these AR glasses. One example is the AR system generating a business logo of a nearby place of interest that hovers over the top of the buildings. Another example, more strangely, is showing the social media connections of a passing vehicle – maybe Tinder will be something we play in traffic?

It’s always fascinating to see how emerging technologies can interact with each other. In this instance, AR wearables and connected cars could create entirely new driving experiences.

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