Facebook : porting physical objects into virtual reality

C'est une virtualisation très spécifique de certain objet comme le clavier avec comportement custom aussi

In this filing application, Facebook suggests multiple approaches for how users could interact with input devices in VR.

The main approach is for the physical object (e.g. a keyboard) to be activated with the VR headset, and then for a virtual model of the keyboard to be rendered in the VR space. So even though the user won’t see their physical environment, the user will still be able to see where they have to move their hands in order to interact with the keeyboard.

When a user’s hand hovers over the keyboard, users will see a virtual representation of their hand, so that they can better judge their distance from the keyboard and where their hands need to move towards.

As users type on the keyboard, the keys that are tapped on will be highlighted virtually in order to give users in order to give a sense of visual feedback from the actions.

via Patent Drop : lire l’article source

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