People’s Expensive NFTs Keep Vanishing. This Is Why

Ah ça fait plaisir de lire exactement ce que je me tue à expliquer depuis des semaines. Les gens sont pas foutu de comprendre ce qu'ils achètent avec tant d'excitations c'est ouf !

The artwork, which he expected to be on the page, had disappeared entirely. “There was no history of my ever purchasing it, or ever owning it,” he said. “Now there’s nothing. My money’s gone.”

Was it a glitch? A hack? Did Kuennen perhaps misunderstand how, exactly, NFTs work and how they’re stored? You can’t blame him; over the past few months, numerous individuals have complained about their NFTs going “missing,” “disappearing,” or becoming otherwise unavailable on social media. This despite the oft-repeated NFT sales pitch: that NFT artworks are logged immutably, and irreversibly, onto the Ethereum blockchain.

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