Portable Gait Analysis System with an Integration of Kinect sensor and Inertial Measurement Units

News via Mbientlab croisé avec Kinect ce qui confirme le setup "parfait" (cost effective) que j'avais en tête.

Clinical gait analysis is used for diagnosing, assessing, and for monitoring a patient by analyzing their kinetics, kinematics and electromyography while walking. Traditionally, gait analysis is performed in a formal laboratory environment making use of several high-resolution cameras, either video or infrared. The subject is asked to walk on a force platform or a treadmill with several markers attached to their body, allowing cameras to capture the joint coordinates across time. The space required for such a laboratory is non-trivial and often the associated costs of such an experimental setup is prohibitively expensive. The current work aims to investigate the coupled use of a Microsoft Kinect and Inertial Measurement Units as a portable and cost-efficient gait analysis system.

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