Disney – AI role playing experiences based on selected scenarios

C'est exactement ce que je souhaite faire dans mon livre dont vous êtes le héro auto génératif.

Disney patent applications are always fun to look at. Theyre a product of a company looking into the future through the the lenses of entertainment and human connection.

In this latest application, Disney outlines a AI chat bot system that can play as an intelligent character in a role-playing game with kids.

For example, in one outlined scenario, users would create a role-playing scenario, where they choose a role to play (e.g. wizard, warrior or ninja), and an objective (e.g. infiltrate a secure area, interrogating a character for information, or flattering someone).

As the user interacts in the scenario, the AI system would use natural language processing to identify keywords, analyse sentiment, evaluate the intent of a user, and evaluate how ‘close’ the user is to the role that they are supposed to be playing.

Where this system will live isn’t really outlined in the filing. But if we parse through some of the old Disney patents we’ve explored in previous editions, we’ve seen that Disney is working on robot actors that can interact with visitors at a theme park and smart toys that encourage kids to be fit. This role-playing AI system could in theory apply in both of these products.

Disney is definitely an underrated vehicle for bringing cutting edge technology to the masses and humanising it.

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