8 things to know about Reddit

50 million people visit Reddit daily to read or comment in more than 100,000 communities. Grosses niches (Charcuterie : 68.8k)

  • More than 50 million people visit Reddit daily to read or comment in more than 100,000 communities. Check out one of my favorites, reddit.com/r/todayilearned for a taste of the platform’s eclectic mix.
  • Reddit is topic and community-based, not personality-driven. That distinguishes it from platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube, which tend to be more focused on notable people.
  • Many communities cover broad subjects— like reddit.com/r/journalism (41.5k members) and reddit.com/r/philosophy (15.6 million). Most, though, cover niche subjects like reddit.com/r/Charcuterie (68.8k), reddit.com/r/videogamescience (23.4k).
  • For journalists, thousands of local communities—as well as health and science communities—are especially useful for learning about issues of community interest.
  • Some subreddits are made of makers and doers— like amateur astrophotography — with 1.4 million members who love to take pictures of space— and reddit.com/r/cookiedecorating (43.2k). Others use Reddit for professional purposes, like the community with 6,100 members focused on journalism job openings, or reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful (15.6 million) focused on high-quality maps, charts, and graphs.
  • Reddit profiles showcase all of a user’s posts, unlike other social platforms — Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc— which don’t show all of a user’s comments and posts across various pages and groups. On Reddit, you can see everything a user has posted. Pseudonymity is a core part of Reddit, though, so you won’t necessarily see a person’s real name, as you often do on Twitter, LinkedIn or Clubhouse.
  • Reddit is decentralized compared with other social platforms. Each group — or subreddit— is governed by its own community. As Gabriel Sands, Reddit’s Senior Partnerships Manager for News & Journalism, puts it, “Reddit is a collection of cocktail parties.”
  • Having raised $250 million in new funding in February, Reddit is now valued at $6 billion. Half of Reddit users are between 18 to 34; 60% are male. Users spend 12 minutes per session on average.
  • Reddit recently acquired Dubsmash to expand the role of video on the platform.

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