Bigme S3 Sports a 7.8″ Color E-ink Screen, Costs $544

Excellent ! Les écrans eInk couleur deviennent abordable ! D'ailleurs si quelqu'un connait une version avec capteur solaire ça m'intéresse !

The Pocketbook 740 will be a great color ereader, but it does have one small quirk that some won’t like: It runs a version of Linux. If you want an ereader that runs Android and has a color E-ink screen, you should look at the Bigme S3.

This ereader has a 7.8″ Kaleido E-ink screen with frontlight and capacitive touchscreen. It runs Android 8.1 on an octa-core 1.8GHz CPU with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage.

That is a lot of RAM, storage, and CPU (and let’s not forget the expensive screen), so it probably will not surprise you that the BigMe S3 costs over $500 at retail. In fact, this ereader went up for pre-order from Chinese online retailer recently for 3,499 CNY (about $544 USD).

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