French tech startups and scaleups to watch in 2021

Intéressant pour suivre et comprendre les tendances.

France has become one of the hottest tech hubs in Europe in recent years amid a huge push by the government and to make the country more startup-friendly.

In 2020 $5.2bn in venture capital funding was raised by French startups, up nearly threefold since 2015 as the ecosystem has really taken off.

But which are France’s most exciting startups and scaleups? Which are the French startups to watch in 2021?

Our team of experts at Sifted have chosen a list of more than 100 exciting companies we think you need to know about, with an added “Sifted take” to provide an extra layer of insight on the most interesting.

It's a mixture of the big and the small, the well known and the under the radar. But all are making waves. Keep reading below and stay informed about Europe’s new economy!

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