AI Dungeon-maker Latitude raises $3.3M to build games with ‘infinite’ story possibilities

Cela fait partie des choses que je souhaite faire 🙂 C'est bon je suis cohérent 🙂

Latitude, a startup building games with stories are generated by artificial intelligence, is announcing that it has raised $3.3 million in seed funding.

The idea of an AI-generated story might make you think of hilariously nonsensical experiments like “Sunspring,” but Latitude’s first title, AI Dungeon, is an impressively open-ended (and coherent) text adventure game where you can choose from a wide variety of genres and characters.

And unlike a classic text adventure like Zork — where players quickly become familiar with “you can’t do that”-style messages when they type something the designers hadn’t planned for — AI Dungeon can respond to any command. For example, when my brave knight was charging into battle, I typed “get depressed” and he quickly sat on a rock with his head between his hands.

via TechCrunch : lire l’article source

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