Ikea’s 2020 Life at Home report: COVID-19 dramatically changed what people want in a home, and Ikea has the data to prove it

Conclusion, j'ai refait ma cuisine comme le reste du monde 🙂

Despite the fact that there was a lot of variation in terms of how our homes met our needs, 78% of people said their home became a sanctuary from the world. With death and illness raging outside, people across the socioeconomic spectrum tried to find safety indoors. Ikea believes that this experience will change people’s relationship with their home in long-lasting ways. During the pandemic, 40% of those surveyed made changes to their homes. And going forward, as people move or redesign their homes, they are likely to be influenced by the experience of life in quarantine, Ikea says.

In interviews, Ikea found that people prioritize space and proximity to nature when they think about what makes a good home. An estimated 47% of people around the world (and 53% of those under 35) are willing move farther away from their workplaces to achieve these things, according to the survey. And when it comes to the layout of their homes, more than a third of people now prioritize a home office, a garden, and space to pursue hobbies.

And for Americans, it’s no surprise that the main hobby they have in mind is cooking: 35% of them expect to keep cooking after the pandemic. So what’s on our wish list for home redesign? Yup, that’s right: A bigger kitchen.

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