Ukaton Umar qattan demo smartshoe insoles

Une belle brique de LEGO pour inventer de nouveaux usages

Our SmartShoe Insoles provide 3 key Features:

  1. A Novel Method of User Input.

From Accessibility to VR/AR/XR and everything in-between, our posture can provide a variety of inputs for a wide range of applications.

  1. A real-time Gait Analyzer

Users can be alerted of improper posture immediately, rather than be notified by their doctor decades later when it's too late.

  1. A Passive and Continuous body-weight Scale

Our weight fluctuates throughout the day, including vertical spikes as we eat, drink, & use the restroom. However, our weight slowly decreases as we exhale carbon dioxide, which can be used to detect our metabolism fluctuation by noting the slope of the decline. We could also deduce hydration by comparing fluid intake and output, notifying users if they're dehydrated or retaining more water than usual.

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