Snapchat – Bitmoji as a shopping mall

So this is super interesting.

Snap’s latest patent filing outlines a system where users can customise the clothing of their virtual avatars based on real items of clothing being sold on a retailer’s website.

So when a user is customising the clothes on their avatar, they would essentially be browsing real-world items from various brands. If they select an item, a representation of that item will be created for a user’s avatar.

This is fascinating for a number of reasons.

Firstly, by integrating an e-commerce experience into Bitmoji, Snap make the process of ‘shopping’ extremely engaging. It’s participatory. It’s embedded in an already familiar behaviour of customising avatars. It’s a win-win for users and the Snap platform – users get more choice on how to customise their avatars, while Snap wins either through advertising revenue, partnership money or commission on any sales via Snap.

Secondly, Bitmoji makes shopping social. By looking at your friends’ Bitmoji, you can discover new looks, new brand or interesting clothing items. In essence, each user of Snap also becomes a micro fashion influencer to their immediate friend group.

Thirdly, a user’s Bitmoji become an interesting way of trying on clothes before making a purchasing decision. In the same way that a user’s avatar is already a vehicle for self-expression, incorporating items from real-world brands allows users to ‘test’ out a look on their digital equivalent, before making a real-world purchase.

Lastly, who knows, but in a world where the virtual and the physical continue to blur, perhaps we’ll see people begin to purchase purely virtual clothing items from brands on Snap. Augmented Reality filters will reach a point where we’ll be able to realistically overlay our bodies with digital clothing. We’re not too far away:

via Patent Drop : lire l’article source

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