Amazon – customised clothing

There has been a flurry of patent activity this week from Amazon around offering customised clothing.

Under the filing, Amazon want to create a digital file system that contains complete manufacturing instructions for any garment. This week, there were 3 separate filings focused on different aspects of this system (here, here and here),

With these files, Amazon could then enable users to be able to input their body measurements and in turn create customised digital files for manufacturers to be able to easily create custom clothing.

The aspiration is to standardise the process of manufacturing garments, and therefore make it easier to customise instructions.

To make this process smooth, Amazon are looking to capture a user’s measurements via submitted photos or through a smartphone camera.

What’s the long-run play here? First, it’s interesting that Amazon are thinking about the manufacturing process, not just the marketplace and delivery logistics. Secondly, does Amazon see customisation and personalisation of products as the next wave of e-commerce? This is most definitely a space to watch.

via Patent Drop : lire l’article source

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