Russia’s Yandex introduces an Echo Dot-style smart speaker

In May of last year, Yandex launched the Yandex.Station. The $160 smart speaker was a clear logical step for the so-called “Google of Russia.” This week, the company is back with the next-next logical step. The Yandex.Station Mini is essentially its take on the Echo Dot/Google Home Mini.

At 3,990 rubles (around $61), it’s clearly aimed at getting more users on board with its smart assistant. Though Alice has already seen solid growth, with 45 million actively monthly users, per Yandex’s numbers. Still, these low-end smart speakers have been best sellers for both Amazon and Google, both as first-time devices and ways of getting the product in more rooms.


You’ve got your standard functionality on board here, including smart home control, music playback and the like. Along with voice, there’s also gesture control, including the ability to adjust volume with the wave of a hand above the device, which appears to point to some sort of proximity sensor.

The product will be available in Russia at the end of the month.

Source: Russia’s Yandex introduces an Echo Dot-style smart speaker

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