Magnet Implants, Your Cyborg Primer

What would you do to gain a sixth sense? Some of us would submit to a minor surgical procedure where a magnet is implanted under the skin. While this isn’t the first time magnet implants have been mentioned here on Hackaday, [The Thought Emporium] did a phenomenal job of gathering the scattered data from blogs, forum posts, and personal experimentation into a short video which can be seen after the break.

As [The Thought Emporium] explains in more eloquent detail, a magnet under the skin allows the implantee to gain a permanent sense of strong magnetic fields. Implantation in a fingertip is most common because nerve density is high and probing is possible. Ear implants are the next most useful because oscillating magnetic fields can be translated to sound.

For some, this is merely a parlor trick. Lifting paper clips and messing with a compass are great fun. Can magnet implants be more than whimsical baubles?

I would like to tell about my magnet which has been implanted for three years. As an automation engineer, I am tasked with trouble-shooting electrical panels. This is often a laborious task which involves probing with a multi-meter and staring back-and-forth at schematics.

When asked to diagnose a troublesome panel for a band-saw by some coworkers, I decided to use my magnet as a diagnostic tool first since it was a five minute walk to my meter. Lo and behold, after a wave of my hand, I noticed that the transformer wasn’t emitting a large field, like I would expect. I traced that back to a tripped circuit breaker, which three other engineers had missed, and flipped it. The machine restarted normal operation after thirty seconds instead of thirty minutes.

My magnet is literally part of me and a valuable tool of my trade.

[The Thought Emporium] has been mentioned here for their guide to making graphene. You can find more biohacking at Cyberpunk Yourself or see a wildly different application of body-mounted magnets.


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Source: Magnet Implants, Your Cyborg Primer

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