Period of innovations. Chatbots and the Legal Industry.

In a modern world, everything is developing with an extreme speed, and even legal industry is moving forward as times are changing.

Innovations In Justice Industry

New approaches and technologies are quickly starting to fill the justice industry. A new trend that is becoming highly popular nowadays is an in-house legal department. Recently, companies have started to hire lawyers that would work especially for them.

This change is helping lots of law school graduates to find a job, or an internship as big companies with large legal departments would hire junior lawyers to help them gain experience as in-house lawyers.

In 2017 more and more new trends are starting to emerge in a legal industry.

These new trends help lawyers and law firms to make their practice more efficient and productive. Innovations that are coming to justice business are mainly focused on making the process of a legal consultation:

  • much easier
  • less time consuming
  • money saving

Recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure permit to use electronically stored information such as e-mails, instant messages, voicemails, e-calendars, graphics and data on handheld devices in litigation.

These innovations show that legal industry is accepting and welcoming new changes that are starting to fill a modern world in almost every other area.

The Chatbot Conference

As it is known, technologies are usually the reason for changes in a nowadays world. Ignoring new trends that are popping out everywhere at this point, would be impossible and useless at the same time. Often, people get scared to try something new and different, but innovations are a great way of making your work more efficient and profitable.

Introducing changes to justice area can make a life of both a lawyer and a client much easier.

Implementation of new ways of doing work can help to:

  1. reduce time
  2. reduce money wastage
  3. increase profit
  4. optimize the whole working process.

Also, one of such innovations in the legal industry are chatbots.

Chatbots In A Legal Industry

Other modifications in law industry that recently became extremely popular are chatbots. Chatbots are appearing in almost every work field, and legal industry is not an exception.

Legal bots are a great way of optimizing a work process to save lawyers time and money.

Chatbot doesn’t require a rest or vacation it works 24/7 in order to provide customers with a legal help whenever they need it. As well, it is much beneficial and agile than a human lawyer consultation.

A lot of lawyers are afraid that chatbots can take their place and replace them.

However, this technology can be a great enhancement to a lawyer to make them better, smarter and more efficient. Lawyers shouldn’t be afraid to start using chatbots at their practice as it is a great tool that can work for their benefit.


Recently, Montreal-based law firm EXEO launched a smart virtual assistant to help future immigrants.
IVA (Immigration Virtual Assistant) helps people make the process of immigration much easier and less stressful. As we all know the immigration application process can be very complicated and complex which scares a lot of people.

IVA helps its users:

  • to reduce money, because they are not talking to a very expensive lawyer. They are communicating to the free chatbot.
  • to spend less time. Now they do not have to spend precious time trying to figure out the immigration process by themselves.

IVA is accessible via Facebook Messenger and provides its users with information concerning the opportunities that they have in a Q&A format.
IVA includes a lot of different immigration program categories, including work permit applications, student visas, and permanent residence programs.



Another great example of how technologies can be useful in a legal area is Ailira chatbot. This bot is useful for both lawyers and its clients as it is really simple and fast in exploitation.

Ailira answers natural language questions with usable and helpful legal information in simple English. Another of its benefits is that it is much cheaper and faster than a human-lawyer consultation.
You can contact Ailira 24/7 via Facebook Messenger and chat with it as you would with a friend, using instant messaging.

Ailira generates legal documents, provides you with helpful legal information and can even appoint you a meeting with a human lawyer to give you additional consultation if needed.

Ailira is useful for lawyers because it can reduce the amount of time spent on researching as this bot does it in seconds. You don’t have to be a professional lawyer or an expert in law to use Ailira as its main benefits are simplicity and accessibility which means that anyone can easily find relevant information.

AILIRA BOT(sending documents)

Ailira thinks fast and accurate.

She can find an exact answer to your question in seconds!

Ailira has been put up to a test to show you how precise she can be and how easily she can find a correct and relevant legal information.
You can see yourself how quick she thinks and searches through millions of cases to find the most valuable information.


The modern world is filled with innovations that appear almost every day.
Every work field is experiencing extreme technological progress
, and a legal area is not an exception.
Introducing and accepting new trends that are popping out now is the best way to make your work more efficient and productive.

By implementing new ways of doing business, you can:

-positively influence your work process.
-cut your time and fund dissipation.

People should not be afraid to try out new trends because changes are the things that inspire people to move forward and develop in what they are doing.

By accepting progress in our everyday life, we can make for ourselves more time to spend on things that we really want to do.

Our Botscrew team had a great experience while working on Ailira and IVA Chatbots. We are happy that we had such a great opportunity to bring this bots to Facebook Messenger. And we want more!
One of the most important things for our Botscrew team is challenging ourselves to try something new almost every day. That is why we are always searching for interesting projects that are going to test our abilities in order to create something innovative and creative. Our team has many progressive ideas how to create an original product, and we are happy to help you to bring your idea to life.

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Source: Period of innovations. Chatbots and the Legal Industry.

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