7 things you need to do after building your chatbot

Most of us know that building something good is not easy. You need to be up for the challenge in order to actually make something of worth. So after a lot of time, sweat and tears, you have finally finished building your chatot. Well congratulations, but making a good product usually will not be enough, you will need to follow these 7 steps to make sure your product will succeed.

Step 1: Spread the word

I believe I made a great chatbot

First things first, you need to get a buzz about your product. but how? well, there is not right or wrong answer for this question. You need to try getting good and wide coverage about your bot and company before you even launch your product. It is important for you to start the work before, so you can do a ‘rolling launch’ and get people to talk about you even after the official launch date. The way to do so lays in the next steps.

The Chatbot Conference

Step 2: Contacting Influencers

You need to catch them all

Everybody knows that the way to get to your massive target audience, is by early adopters who will be the first ones to go and buy your product. The way to obtain them is through influencers. Who are they? They are the people who every word they say or write reaches thousands of people and they are a household name in a specific field. Contact them in every way you can- social media, email, phone call, face to face conversation. Do whatever you need to do in order to tell them, that you have something worthy and interesting for them to check out, but do not be too mysterious. Remember, you need to interest them and not waste their time, so that they actually check your bot and hopefully, like it enough to post about it and give you feedback.

Step 3: Draw people’s attention

It’s about attention

You need to target your audience and drop them hints about your upcoming release. It can be anything you want as long as it is implied gently and focused to those who can be eager for your bot- Tweets that say ‘coming soon’ or prephase ‘leaked’ photos and of course a good GIF is always a smart move. After you do this you build interest and make people notice and monitor you. A fine specimen of example is how Apple operate in their launches (look at the ‘leaked’ photos of the new iphone 8).

Step 4: Do not expect much

You need to know that during the launch everything can go wrong, things you did not even dream of going wrong. It is ok, do not worry, that is just how life works. Being ready to fail and not getting surprised is super important, it helps you to better improvise and make the best out of every situation you will encounter. Remember, the official launch is just the day your bot was actually available, life still goes on after.

Step 5: Stand out

Be special

During your release cycle you need to keep people talking about you and reporters having an opportunity to write about you. You need to produce ‘how to’ manuals, customer stories, how your bot provides return on investment (ROI) to customers and so on. The way to do it, is by making a funny video, cool infographic, survey or anything that can make you stick out in a small bot crowd.

Step 6: Benefit from your partners

Getting help never hurts

Harness those who have a financial interest in your success, including business partners, shareholders, marketers and all those who can benefit you. All of these people share the same interest as you, so they should be hyped as you are.

Step 7: Focus on what matters

Getting Facebook likes, Twitter followers and shares on social media, is all nice and dandy, but do not let it distract you. You need to get meaningful and useful engagement so that your product will sell. Likes, followers and shares will only get you so far. People that talk about you online and can benefit you are far more better because they can help to promote you.

Everything worth doing started with a dream

After you do all of what i have mentioned, the option of you making a business out of your chatbot, will start to become more a reality than rather just a dream.


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