Chatbot Summit Berlin

Chatbot Summit Berlin, June 26, 2017 is the second event of Chatbot Summit founded by tech entrepreneur Yoav Barel of Tel Aviv, Israel in 2016. After huge success last December with a first meeting held for “Bot Heads” in Israel — Barel and his team of industry tech and entrepreneur leaders put the event together in less than three months and drew over 200 participants — Barel knew he needed to think bigger and Chatbot Summit was born.

Chatbot Summit is a global think tank-collaborator haven, tech style — think fast-brain with start-up mojo in the digital space — for tech, big brand, entrepreneurs, developers, and freelancers. The event, whose sponsors include Deutsche Bank, LivePerson, SAP, Deloitte, Amazon Alexa and more will bring new and becoming Chatbot Enthusiasts together to discuss, market and explore each other’s services, strategize, and overall become driving players in the Bot Revolution.

The summit is a one-day event featuring close to 100 speakers presenting over three stages — there is a fourth space reserved for an Amazon Alexa Workshop. If you are a chatbot startup, you can reserve a booth along the “Chatbot Boulevard.” Start getting your Chatbot Economy on the evening before the big day with a pre-networking event. On the day of, there is plenty of time built-in for networking and coffees (and after-party, too, which everyone will surely need after 40+ sessions. Dance Bot, anyone?)

For full details and to buy tickets, visit the Chatbot Summit website.

P.S. When getting your tickets make sure to use the code ‘CHBTMGZ30’ and get a 30% discount!

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