The Pro2 Adds 2D Print Images To Matterport’s Robust 3D Camera

The Pro2 Adds 2D Print Images To Matterport’s Robust 3D Camera

Matterport has positioned itself as one of the most prominent VR companies, growing the company on a foundation of a large library of real places scanned into 3D that are being made available for VR as well. They’re able to do this with their proprietary camera and, now, they’re introducing a new model that not only brings improved 3D and VR scans but also 2D prints for a robust all-in-one solution.

Matterport’s new Pro2 is priced $3,995, which is over $500 cheaper than their original camera but it comes packed with more functionality. This 134-megapixel 3D camera comes with complete solutions for those wanting to use it for Real Estate: GPS-tagging of scan locations, automatic generation of interactive floor plans, and more. The kicker is, this same device can harness those same 134-megapixels to provides 4k 2D images in addition to 3D scans.

“As real estate professionals, we must embrace technology to stay competitive,” said John De Souza, President at Cressy & Everett Real Estate, in a prepared statement about the new camera. “Matterport has helped my team win listings and reach more buyers.”

The Pro2 versatility is a benefit for creators, small teams and large. Large teams can send out staff equipped with a multi-tool that improves fficiency and small teams can spend limited funds on hardware that serves multiple purposes.

To learn more about how Matterport is impacting the Real Estate market via VR, check out this feature from one of your writers.

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