Worldwide VR / AR headset market to hit 100 million devices

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Although augmented reality (AR) remains as the minority portion of the market in terms of shipments, International Data Corporation (IDC) expects AR to bring in significantly more revenue over the course. AR headset sales will grow from $209 million in 2016 to $48.7 billion in 2021. Meanwhile, VR headsets grow from $2.1 billion in 2016 to $18.6 billion in 2021. Both markets are expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 58%, reaching 99.4 million units in 2021… (Read more on IDC Blog)

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  • Troubled GoPro deepens layoffs, eliminating positions in media and virtual reality divisions. (Forbes)
  • Skydance, Sony Pictures debut their first virtual reality titles. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • NVIDIA pushes virtual reality play with new benchmarking tool, FCAT VR (ONMSFT)
  • The imaging technology startup Avegant says its light field prototype provides a truly immersive experience that is critical for the future success of the entire mixed reality industry. (Seeker)
  • Berkeley University opens a new lab for virtual and augmented reality. The lab will be open for faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students. (Haptical)


  • Volkswagen takes virtual route to develop the car of the future. (Auto Car Pro)
  • Students are developing a virtual reality game based on James Joyce’s “Ulysses” as part of a class at Boston College. (New York Post)
  • Airlines Technology has worked up a proof of concept which could allow airlines to sell assigned seats via a virtual reality (VR) seat map. (Tnooz)
  • Accenture creates Mixed Reality experience in partnership with RBS 6 Nations. (Sport Techie)
  • Civil Air Patrol uses virtual reality to spark interest in aviation. (Chicago Tribune)


  • Augmented reality company WayRay has raised $18 million in a Series B round led by China’s Alibaba Group.


  • This year, for the first time in its 31-year history, SXSW organizers created a “Virtual Cinema,” where VR/AR content creators could show off their best stuff. USA Today’s Rick Jervis headed up to the fourth floor of the JW Marriott in Austin to check out the cinema and see where the technology stands. (USA Today)
  • StoryUP’s Chief Storyteller Sarah Hill says VR non-fiction storytelling could influence anti-anxiety states. (Haptical)
  • Matthew Busel says, 2018 will be the year most of the country becomes truly familiar with AR (Haptical)


  • Listen to these podcasts to dive into virtual reality. We curated some great episodes with our friends at RadioPublic. (Haptical)
  • A new concept design visualizes fully glass iPhone that integrates Siri with augmented reality features. (Haptical)

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