Facebook Messenger Platform v1.4

Facebook messenger platform.

Today, Facebook announces Messenger Platform v1.4.
Since Facebook gave a great vision and platform strategy for next 10 year roadmap, a Messenger Platform/ the next main platform which has a backend system with a personalization engine plus Natural Language Processing, Emotional Recognition, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc, could be a core system and main platform for developers and a Facebook users.


“How Bots will change the world more??”

We, many Bots makers, Bot Entrepreneurs, Marketing Ninjas, Conversation Flow Designer are trying to catch up, learning each other, making a great Bot for users with awesome Folks collaborating together.
Thanks, guys. However, all of us need to listen up and check closely now.

As everyone is learning its update today, the lists below are the things we need to know at least, otherwise, you will be behind!!
We, the Foxsy team already tested its updates in order to improve our Bot, Foxsy. We could share some insights with you all today.
I hope it’s useful for everyone.

Here, it is very important updates for all of us.

Messenger Update, v1.4

1. Persistent menu (Main menu)

Firstly, the persistent button is moved to the right size from the left side instead of a Facebook legend “Like” Button.
If you click it, the keyboard is popped up from the bottom.
The pic above is an example. Also, the previous keyboard used to have a persistent menu always a left side on the keyboard.
However, it is changed and gone somewhere.

Secondly, there are three layers from a single menu with 5 menus bar.

– Up to 3 levels of submenus
1. Main, 3 menus.
2. Second, 5 menus.
3. Third, 5 menus.

In total, it will be 75 menus like pulldown menus.
Mmmmmm, not sure how to design this to guide users correctly and clearly.

2. Update issues

Even Facebook has a great update today, there are some update issues here. For instance,
Who and when can get upload is based on this information below.

– Developer side implementing new functions
– Accounts (Developer or just users) Time, Mar 2nd
– Mar 20th for all users in public.

If you are all set,

it means that as we update our Bot or users update their messenger app, we, Bots makers need to concern about these situations. Otherwise, it causes a really bad UX based on a new UI. It’s tough topic for us.

“ Be sure to use Messenger v106 or above to test your bot with the new design. As of March 2nd 2016, all bot developers will see this menu. To allow bot developers time to update, public users will not see the new menu design until March 20th. Your bot’s menus are cached by Messenger but updates are fetched periodically. If you update the menu, you can trigger this fetch by deleting the bot’s thread and then beginning a new one.”

If a user doesn’t have a current version of messenger, even if you created the new version of persistent menu, it shows this menu even though a number of menus are just three. Well, how we could change it better?

3. Pic size

It could bring a better visual information. In our case, a profile pic could be clear and much bigger than now. We might change it in the future.

– horizontal image aspect ratio is 1.91:1

– square image aspect ratio is 1:1

What do you think about it?
However, this size changes cause the different type of problems, such as quick reply is always here and the contents structure will be changed too.

There are a quick reply, the Keyboard, a new persistent menu, and just normal contents.
“Wait!! It is easy or too much information, for sure.”
Well, we are developers. Thus, we need to say to a Facebook developer team, if you don’t like it, please leave and give me comment, all together voice could change and developer to a Facebook team.
Also, we, the Foxsy team is joining FbStart program. So, we could reach out a Facebook team, I think.

4. API access

Now we can access better date to analyze more for user’s behavior.
For instance, this is the type of numbers you could access.

Facebook analytics is getting more powerful than before.
  • Daily unique active thread counts.
  • Daily unique conversation counts broken down by user feedback actions, including

– messaging turn-ons
– messaging turn-offs
– thread deletions
– report spams
– others

5. Bots Discovery

It will be a big change, and that’s we really need it. So far as I used and tested it, it has been just like spamming discovery function too random.

– Localization support (it’s supported now)

In this point, it is like a filter for users to be able to find a proper preferable country based on a Bot, also for developers they can set up their API to get discovered based on countries by users so that they can reach out a specific type of users and segment too.
Even though still it widespread area. For sure, Facebook will bring and make it better so quickly, I wish. I believe you guys, Facebook.

6. Share function

Foxsy has a user’s status and tracking ID to give them a referral. However, it has not been perfect yet. Because this part has issues for two share link and share button to a receiver.

– Able to delete “attribution link” which is the link button on the top of shared messages.
– Able to share from web view
– Able to send different contents from bubbles attached share button.

7. NLP or template based on UI?

We might need to change Foxsy.

– Ability to turn off freeform input

Also, based on a new update, there may be two types of Bots will be shown up. Once a user updates their messenger, this screen is shown up.
They are ready to use it to discover a new Bot experience.

– Swelly type of Button and template based on UI.

Swelly is obviously the best and largest number of users and succeeds Bot ever. However, my friend, Peter told me that Swelly team doesn’t focus on developing command and text based on an interaction and a responsive. That’s how they make and develop an easy and user-friendly interface and experiences too.

– Hi Poncho weather Bot.

Poncho is well known friendly weather prediction Bot like a friend.
Based on user’s command, Poncho responds very quickly with a great humor.

– M, run by Facebook.

(M, Facebook)
M, everything is based on a free text. A user can type whatever they want.
Based on rumor and my friend’s experience (coz, I haven’t used it before, that’s shame)
The backend system is the hybrid with the system and human. That’s how they bring a new user experience like feeling talking with a human.

“Make meaningful and beautiful connections in the real world”’

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