Today in stop it tech, you’re drunk: this smartphone-controlled candle

Prometheus may have stolen fire from the gods, but even he couldn’t have pinched the flame from this smartphone-controlled candle. Why? It’s password-protected.

This is the LuDela — which is a real candle with a real flame (and yes, it’s a real product), but it comes encased in all the sensors and and electronics necessary to charge consumers $99 for candlelight. The candle itself is a refillable insert ($7.99 for 30 hours’ of light) which fits into a battery-powered exterior shell.

This shell connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to light and extinguish the candle remotely via an app (which comes with its own child lock). Our ancestors only dreamed of such power. You can also set timers for the LuDela,…

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