Why every household is about to get a brand-new fridge

By building smart fridges that can track consumption, deliver offers and manage purchasing and replenishment, manufacturers can extract subsidies from companies in order to tap into data and the revenue stream of each consumer, then provide them with a free refrigerator.

Subsidies have long been a tool for both customer lock-in (think of InkJet printers sold at a loss to open the revenue stream for ink) as well as recurring revenue models (such as Verizon trading a $650 iPhone for the chance at triple the revenue in yearly billings). The smart fridge brings both of these models into play.

With a connected fridge, advertisers will pay to promote products to the consumer on the refrigerator’s screen, who will then use a related subscription-based service to buy the products. What makes promotion like this appealing to advertisers is that it’s data-driven, personalized and proactive.

Source : TechCrunch

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