Inside Tony Fadell’s Struggle to Build Nest

Nest’s failure to launch new products in the past couple of years is at least partly due to Tony Fadell’s constant push for new features and rethinking of designs, interviews with numerous current and former employees say.

Article très long et très intéressant montrant a quel point Nest va droit dans le mur…

Mr. Fadell stressed that building products for the home was different than building consumer gadgets at Apple, where the company needed to release a new version once a year to stay ahead of the competition. “It’s not a consumer driven personal device. This is something you’re going to put on your wall. It’s going to sit there for ten to 12 years,” he said. “We’re so far ahead of the competition, it doesn’t require that.”

Ils ont un gros problème de Product Market Fit, Mme Michu ne va pas acheter un thermostat Nest pour le laisser 12ans sur son mur ça n’a pas de sens…

Source : Inside Tony Fadell’s Struggle to Build Nest

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