US military says robotic pack mules are too noisy to use

Noise has always been a bit of a problem for Boston Dynamics’ robotic quadrupeds. LS3’s predecessor BigDog was powered by a two-stroke go-kart engine, and a contract in 2013 to develop the Legged Squad Support System (reportedly worth almost $10 million) specified that it needed a quieter method of propulsion as well the ability to better resist gunfire.

La vache ! Ca doit faire flipper de se faire charger par une tondeuse de ce gabarit ! C’est hyper bruyant ! On est proche du TIE Fighter 🙂

Effectivement la version électrique est un peu plus silencieuse (voir à 2:00)

Boston Dynamics — which was bought by Google in 2013 — did attempt to remedy these problems by building a smaller, electric-powered version of the robot named Spot. But, says, this version had to be steered by a driver at all times and could only carry around 40 pounds of equipment — far less than the LS3’s capacity of 400 pounds, and not enough to fulfill the role of pack mule.

Source: The Verge

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