This Is Zero Latency, The Future Of Immersive Gaming

Zero Latency‘s Pozible campaign in early 2014 asked for $25,000 to bring the idea to life — at that time, a two-player experience in a small room. By the time the campaign finished, an impressive but not Star-Citizen-spectacular $30,000 had been raised. Armed with loftier aspirations, the team tracked down a much larger tranche of venture capital investment and aimed for the six-player game as it exists today.

There’s a lot more to Zero Latency than an Oculus Rift headset. That headset has to get its video feed from somewhere, so running the show is a custom-made backpack with an Alienware Alpha small form factor PC, hooked up to the Rift and a pair of headphones with an integrated mic for voice communications.

Zero Latency’s warehouse virtual reality space, and its concept of wireless motion tracking and virtual reality playback, has massive applications beyond the zombie survival mission that we played. Obviously it’ll take a lot of time and effort to develop different scenarios, but the potential is nearly infinite.

Vivement qu’une solution similaire arrive en Europe ! Techniquement c’est réalisable sans dépenser des millions. Et je pense qu’ils ont un énorme potentiel pour miniaturiser tout l’équipement et faire des scénarios dans des pièces physiquement plus petites.

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