These new Star Wars: The Force Awakens posters get up close and personal

     <i>Star Wars: The Force Awakens</i> is just over a month away at this point, and the hype machine is going to get louder with each passing day. Today the official <a href=""><i>Star Wars</i> website released</a> a number of new character posters (well, some of the <a href="">actors revealed them first</a>), giving us some extremely close looks at the stars of the film.

There’s evil Kylo Ren (red!), John Boyega’s Finn (blue!), an I’m-not-taking-your-shit Leia (green!), and Harrison Ford as Han Solo, who doesn’t need a color because he’s got a blaster. Daisy Ridley — who as far as we know is just a scavenger named Rey — doesn’t have a color either, but that’s probably because she lives on the dull planet of Jakku where she steals stuff from downed Star Destroyers.

The locked-down…

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