PlaySurface at Home !

I just received and mount my PlaysSurface from KickStarter’s project ! According to to Michael White I’m the only one in France :-). Shipping was more expensive than product itself ! I’m fool !

Some photos !

The fabric is very good, mouting was easy. I do not like the back door that lay on the ground. Not very convenient to calibrate projector. The plexiglass seems to be very delicate and get all bread crum.


Inside the beast !

The projector is very complicated to setup. I use the official one ! With my old Windows Vista computer. There is lots of heat.


Touch suface

At the moment, the blob board software is not ready. It should be plugged to the PS Eye for blob recognition. In the meanwhile there is touch software for PS Eye. Calibration software seems not working (error 0xC0150002) 🙁 I should reinstall a proper windows.


First impressions

I wanted a Surface Table for many reasons and I had one for my birthday (May the 4th be with you) !

The good

The table is very cheap! There is many way to build a surface table:

I could, at last, understand UX on surface table. It’s really not the same way to build GUI. You have to think like Fish Eye display.

I’m really exited about the possibility to do fiducial recognition.

The bad

The projector resolution 800×600 is very low. I assume blob recognition will consume CPU and can’t handle large resolution (Like with S.A.R.A.H.).

There is LOTS of heat and noises in the table.

You boot the table when you really need to (it’s not an iPad)


I’ll wait for blob board software.

I’ll try to make touch recognition work… May be buy a smaller Windows 8 PC… And then really testing (but S.A.R.A.H. takes me many time)

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