The Mirror becomes Smarter

An everyday furniture since 6000 BC, a reflection of you true self, in any place, room or moment becomes a Beauty Advisor, a Sports Coach, a Stylist, a Sales Expert, an Hairdresser, …


Design qualitive experience to let your Customers meet your Brand in Hyper Physicality.


For users,
an integrated experience designed around your reflection.


For developers,
a framework designed to iterate on business case.


For directors,
a dashboard designed to enlight qualitative insights.

An Art-ifact with AI

A Smart Mirror is not a big smartphone neither a passive display. It’s a piece of art designed to empower you reflection in everyday life.

We work with artists and designers to create an object with super power to interract with users through Artifical Intelligence in B2B, B2B2C or B2C scenarios.

For Investors

We are looking for Investor in order to move from a DIY to a Prototype to a scalable product with customers all around the word.

Qualitative Digital Signage

Welcome to era of hyper physicality, a moment to share insights with your customers to empower your brand, test and improve your products through amazing experiences.

Are you looking for a Smart Mirror at home ? for you Business
Are you ready to build new experiences for your brand ?