​Amazon to Launch Internet of Things-based Artificial Intelligence Next Year

In October, the company introduced its Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT platform that allows connected devices interact with each other as well as other devices. Earlier in 2015, it purchased IoT startup, called 21emetry, that has created the platform for tracking and operating connected devices.

Un sujet qu’il faut que je creuse, j’ai l’intuition qu’il est trop orienté Big Data.

Last year, it unveiled a voice-activated speaker dubbed Echo. The device can provide various kind of information such as news, Wikipedia information or weather, on request of its user. Echo is connected to AWS and can be used via smartphones and tablets. The latest weekly update to the Amazon Echo brings a number of new features to the speaker, including Star Wars knowledge to answer your questions and you can now find out if you are on the naughty or nice list.

J’ai l’impression qu’ils ont toujours du mal à percer en Français. Est ce que quelqu’un aurait un contact technique chez Amazon France ?

Earlier this year, Amazon launched an Internet-connected Dash button that enables users to order such daily items as razors and washing powder. The kit is expected to increase the overall number of online household goods buyers, significantly simplifying the process of purchase.

Absolument énorme c’est exactement ce que je cherche a faire avec SARAH. Le problème de l’IoT étant que c’est encore trop centré « mobile » alors que nous sommes dans la maison, un espace multi-utilisateurs.

Source : ​CoinSpeaker

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