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WikiDrop is an Adobe AIR,  P2P Wiki, Notebook for DropBox. Files ares stored in Markdown format and HTML format in the DropBox folder.


Why another wiki editor ?

The past few years, I was looking for a fast simple Wiki Editor to store notes as fast as possible. I tried many applications on Windows, iPad, iPhone, …

  • EverNote is a great product but too complicated for my basic usage.
  • SimpleNote is really interesting but too simple.
  • I don’t want to store my files on an other cloud, why not using DropBox ?
  • I tried EmaWiki but there is no way to produce HTML files for public browsing.

So I decided to code « Yet another Wiki Editor for DropBox » :).

Key features

  • Wiki Editor in Markdown/Showdownsyntax
    • Custom links between wiki pages
    • Custom todo management
  • Adobe AIR application
    • Lightweight and Cross-platform
    • Automatic updates
  • Free !
    • Setup AdBanner (complicated)
    • Paypal donation
  • Improved Collaboration
    • Do not handle files locks
    • Detect file’s modifications
    • Try to reload latest version
    • Try to Diff/Merge changes
  • Wiki Web
    • Save Text file and Html file
    • Browsing throught public links
    • Custom HTML templates
  • Projects (group of wiki pages)
  • Multilingual
    • French
    • English



Here is the first version of the application:


I do not have time to put my sources on GitHub/GoogleCode so at the moment the license is Proprietary and product is Free. Use it at your own risks, I do not provides any support. I will try to fix and improve WikiDrop as fast as possible.


  • Install Adobe AIR for your platform
  • Install WikiDrop
  • Setup preferences right click on tray icon.
  • WikiDrop use an internal .html template . It can be override by a custom template folder under WikiDrop root or project folder.

The editor use the Markdown Syntax to render the HTML. There is also other settings:

  • [[NewPage]] will create a link to another wiki page. (use CamelCase syntax)
  • [ ] and [x] will create checkbox. (use 4 spaces to create a sub list level)


Here is a list of bugs to fix and features to introduce in WikiDrop. But I want to keep the application as simple as possible.


  • Version 0.7
    • Fix a bug to check the locale
    • Add an option in preferences to select the locale en/fr (requires a restart of the app)
  • Version 0.6
    • Fix background image
    • Fix compatibility with Air 2.6
  • Version 0.5
    • NoteBook look and feel
    • Use BluePrint CSS
    • Template are now in a dedicated folder /template
    • Fix META description
  • Version 0.4
    • Fix to works with MacOS
  • Version 0.3
    • Activate Preferences’ window if there is no WikiDrop folder.
    • Detect disk file modification and override
    • Allow Diff/Merge with disk file
    • Display Wiki Date

Requests for Enhancement

  • Find a way to display/rollback revision without knowing DropBox account
  • Experiment networking throught DropBox sharing mechanism like Frenzy
  • Experiment ScreenGrabber like DropboxScreenGrabber
  • Add search in WikiPage / in all files.
  • Display a Wiki Toolbar while editing (maybe CodeMirror)
  • Little « refresh » button
  • Little « back » button
  • Add style to WikiLinks in html template

Thanks !

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12 commentaires sur “WikiDrop

  1. I build a new version 0.7 to choose the language in preferences. You must quit and restart the application after modification.

  2. Wow, thanks for the fast response! It still didn’t auto-detect properly, but I was able to switch languages after studying it a bit. Let me use it for a few weeks and I’ll give it a proper review.

    Thanks for sharing!

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